In line with CfE qualifications, the S3 Chemistry course is delivered at CfE Level 4.

Pupils move through the Level 4 curriculum relevant to Chemistry which provides a solid foundation as pupil’s progress into fourth year to study for the new national qualifications at National 4 or 5 level.

While all classes in S3 cover the same content there may be some variation in pace depending on the range of abilities in the class. The first unit of work examines chemical changes and the structure of elements and compounds. Between August and October pupils will study how to control the rates of chemical reactions and how elements are arranged in the Periodic Table. This leads to further study of compounds and mixtures.

Homework will be issued on a regular basis to allow pupils to consolidate what they have covered in class and to allow for further research into class topics. There will be formal assessments at regular points throughout the first unit to monitor pupil progress and inform decisions as to which level the student will be studying at in S4.





Pupils will work towards achieving a Advanced Higher, Higher, National 5, National 4 or National 3 course award in Chemistry depending on their level of ability. Presentation level at National 3 or 4 will depend on the pupil’s achievements in passing all of the SQA internal assessments.

TheAdvanced Higher, Higher or National 5 award is gained by sitting an external exam and presentation for this exam will depend on the pupil passing all of the internal assessments and, where appropriate, end of unit assessments and Prelims.

Homework is set at roughly fortnightly intervals. Pupils have their notes and summary booklets to help with completion. The Homework sheets, summary notes and PowerPoint presentations used in the course are available for pupils to download from the Glow website. All pupils should be spending time on general revision of notes, etc. Useful revision techniques include mind mapping, making their own flash cards, constructing and labelling diagrams, working on examples from past papers or even discussing Chemistry terms with friends and family. Just reading or copying from notes is rarely effective.

Each pupil has access to the Department’s GLOW page which contains a full set of revision materials and homework exercises for the complete National 4 or 5 courses. These materials can also be accessed through the school website. These are a valuable tool which will ensure that any gaps in notes that have arisen due to absence can be addressed and pupils can make sure that they revise thoroughly.

Pupils will be working on internally assessed research topics and practical investigations which are compulsory if they are to achieve pass at any of the National levels. Good attendance is particularly important to avoid missing any of these internal assessments.

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