Above :  Kilwinning Academy building, pre-1977

Below is the list of Kilwinning Academy Dux Medallists from 1981, when the first Dux Medal of the Fifth Year was awarded.   We have no name(s) for 1983, as yet.

Spelling of some pupils’ names may be incorrect, because we have been unable to access an official record, so please let us know if this is the case.

Our school librarian Mrs Black, has painstakingly put together the list of names.  We are very grateful for all of her time and effort in doing so.   Some information was acquired from local newspapers and school reports.  We would welcome contact and contributions from previous students of the school.


YEAR Dux Information
1977 First Year intake to new school
1978 Prize giving for First Year only
09-Feb-79 Opening by David Lambie
1979 N/A
1980 Prize giving S1-S4
1981 Lesley Milner/William Lamont
1982 Mhairi Collins/Alistair Conn
1983 Not Known
1984 Lorraine Harper/David Allardice
1985 Pamela Conn
1986 Joseph Sander
1987 Janey Conn/Murdo McMillan
1988 Susan Hill/Ian Rennie
1989 Elaine Somerville/Douglas Ferguson
1990 Kirsteen Lowe
1991 David Paterson
1992 Gillian Tomlinson
1993 Lynsey Shields
1994 Eileen McClung
1995 Craig Turnbull
1996 Gavin Reid
1997 Alastair R McInroy
1998 Craig Sommerville
1999 Gillian Barr
2000 Laura Forsyth
2001 Audrey Barr
2002 Laura Galloway
2003 Kirstin Lynn/Fiona McCarlie
2004 Brian Colquhoun
2005 Fiona Greco
2006 Andrea Munley
2007 Kirsty McCarlie
2008 Eilidh Wilson
2009 Catherine McKee
2010 Mark Foulger
2011 Thomas Munley/Sean Watson
2012 Emma Nelson
2013 Emma Hedley
2014 Martin Kelso
2015 Lee Cartledge
2016 Jasmine McGlone
2017 Rachel Dean

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