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Here are the S1 and S2 courses within the faculty:





A general ICT aimed at ensuring effective computer use across the school including ensuring knowledge of the school acceptable use regulations, user-id and password management, network use, centralised data storage organisation, familiarisation with a range of Office applications.
S2 Core Business This course looks at both the roles and types of businesses and how they operate. It also gives pupils the experience of using the types of ICT and documentation involved in the day to day operations of such businesses. The course moves on to establish the role of Fair Trade in business and finally looks at personal and business finance and how it is controlled and presented to management for decision making purposes.
S2 Core Computing Science This builds on the introduction to animation, standard files types and DTP at the end of S1 and leads into web development and the creation of image assets for multimedia.  We move on to Software Development. Pupils create a series of short programs to match a given specification using the BBC micro:bit which they will code using CodeEditor and Python. They will also build on their Scratch knowledge from S1.


Kodu game Development A series of tutorials introduces the Kodu environment as a lead up to designing and developing their own game.
Website Development The Adobe Design Premium 5.5 software suite is used to allow pupils to increase their software skills and develop their own animations and website.
Programming the BBC micro:bit A series of online tutorials introduces the micro:bit and software development.






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