Modern Studies

Modern Studies will provide all pupils with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of their world: focussing on political and economic issues facing modern society.  Indeed, Modern Studies in Kilwinning Academy focuses on the development of comparison, evaluation and leadership skills.

Mrs McEwan, Ms Provan and Mr Purcell deliver Modern Studies in Kilwinning Academy.

S1 & S2 Modern Studies

In S1 and S2, pupils will study Geography and History/Modern Studies on a rotation basis.  Pupils rotate between subjects every 6 weeks. In Modern Studies, pupils study:

S1 History/Modern Studies

1. Scotland: From Wallace to Mary

2. Introduction to Modern Studies

S2 History/Modern Studies

1. Kennedy’s America

2. Terrorism

S3 Modern Studies

In S3, pupils focus their studies on their selected Social Subject.  Pupils who choose Modern Studies will study:

1. United States of America

2. Democracy and Politics

Senior Modern Studies

National 4/5  Modern Studies

1. Democracy in Scotland

2. United States of America

3. Crime and Law

Higher Modern Studies

1. Health and Wealth

2. Democracy in the United Kingdom

3. Politics of Aid in Africa

You can find out more about the courses we offer from our curriculum bulletins.  If you would like to find out about the careers linked to Modern Studies then please click the following link: What can I do with Modern Studies?

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