Pastoral Support

We have 4 houses in Kilwinning Academy – Arran, Bute, Cumbrae and Davaar. Each House is led by a Principal Teacher of Pastoral Support. This Team aims to ensure that our young people are given the highest levels of appropriate support and intervention as and when required. The principles of GIRFEC underpin our daily practice and our Team Around the Child approach promotes consistent collaboration and partnership working, resulting in improved pupil outcomes. Relational, restorative, nurturing approaches are at the heart of our interactions with all stakeholders and we aim to promote and demonstrate the school values in all that we say and do. Principal Teachers of Pastoral Support work closely with Mr Griffin, the Principal Teacher of Pupil Support and we are collectively known as the Integrated Support Team.



Ms Lindsay – Principal Teacher of Pastoral Support


Mr McHarg – Principal Teacher of Pastoral Support


Mrs Randall – Principal Teacher of Pastoral Support


Mrs Murray – Principal teacher of Pastoral Support

Each Principal Teacher has overall responsibility for the Support, Care and Welfare of all pupils in our assigned House.


  • Keeping in touch with parents and carers and arranging meetings as appropriate.
  • Meeting with pupils every week, either individually or in a group.
  • Working with our partners in Social Services, Skills Development Scotland (Careers Advisers),
  • Attendance at meetings convened with the purpose of supporting our young people and their parents and carers.
  • Monitor pupil attendance and timekeeping and make appropriate interventions.
  • Monitor information from other members of staff regarding concerns about pupils and offer support as required.
  • Support every young person at vital transitions such as, joining the school, choosing subjects, applying for apprenticeships, jobs, college or university
  • All Principal Teachers of Pastoral Support teach Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) Each Principal Teacher teaches all classes within their own House. We also collaborate with others in delivering information to young people , for example, the Careers Adviser, Campus Police Officer, staff from Ayrshire College, staff from the NHS, staff from CHAPS (The Community Housing Advocacy Project to name but a few.

The four main areas within the courses delivered are:

  • Planning for choices and changes
  • Mental, emotional and social wellbeing
  • Substance Misuse
  • Relationships, sexual health and parenthood

Principal Teachers of Pastoral Support carry out their management and pastoral responsibilities within the Pastoral Support Base.  There is welcome area where pupils and staff can access freely. There is also a secure area with restricted access where Principal Teachers of Pastoral Support carry out their management responsibilities at their allocated work space. There is a small meeting room where pupils and/or staff who wish to discuss issues of a confidential nature can meet.

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