Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies offers pupils with a variety of topics which can develop their learning and wellbeing.  Indeed, RMPS in Kilwinning Academy focuses on the development of critical thinking, communication, analysis and evaluation skills.


Mr Griffin and Mr Maybury deliver our core RME from S1-S4 as well as certificated RMPS at National and Higher level.  The units covered are:

Core RME


1. An Introduction to Morality

2. Buddhism

3. Global Issues


1. Christianity

2. Sectarianism

3. Inspirational Figures


1. Animal Rights

2. Sikhism

3. YPI Leadership and Ethics


1. Gender Issues

2. Morality in Les Miserables

3. The Problem of Evil and Suffering


Options RMPS

Pupils can choose to study RMPS  from S3. S3 RMPS provides a grounding for pupils who hope to achieve in certificated RMPS.  The subject is recognised by Higher and Further Education establishments for encouraging critical thinking and fostering an understanding of opposing views.  The units studied in Options RMPS are:


1. Religion, Medicine and the Human Body

i) Embryo Research

ii) Euthanasia

2. Religion and Conflict

i) Just War Theory

ii) Modern Warfare

National 3/4/5 RMPS

1. A World Religion

2. A Moral Issue

3. A Religious and Philosophical Questions Unit

Higher RMPS

1. The Origins of Life

2. Religion and Justice

3. Christianity

You can find out more about the courses we offer from our curriculum bulletins.  If you would like to find out about the careers linked to RMPS then please click the following link: What can I do with RMPS?




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