Senior Management Team

Headteacher: Mr T Swan

Depute Headteachers: Mrs L Sloan, Mrs T Mair and Mrs A Cruickshank

Faculty: Art & Design and Technical
Faculty Head: Mrs G Aitken
Art and Design
Mrs L Black, Ms M McLucas, Mrs C Rennie, Mr T Rennie
Mr L Cowan, Miss S Fleming, Mrs L Findlay, Mrs G Aitken
Faculty: Computing and Business Education
Faculty Head: Mr G Wylie
Business Education
Mrs C Bain, Mrs L Wilson
Mrs K Geoghan, Mrs G Wallace, Mr G Wylie
Faculty: Languages & Literacy
Faculty Head: Ms L Armour
Mrs C Allison, Mrs A Chalmers, Mr D McArdle, Mrs E Needham, Mrs A O’Donnell, Mr G Smith, Miss N Hume
Modern Languages
Mrs J Hill, Ms L Armour, Mrs S Russell
Faculty: Health and Wellbeing
Faculty Head: Miss G Lyall
Home Economics
Mrs S Macintyre
Physical Education
Ms G Lyall, Mr C McHarg, Ms L McKinlay, Mrs J Randall, Mr C Neill
Faculty: Mathematics, Music & Numeracy
Faculty Head: Mr J Crozier
Mr J Crozier, Mrs F Donaldson, Mrs L Hoynes, Miss A Lepick, Mr R McNeil, Mr Hynds
Mrs P Latta, Miss M Johnston
Faculty: Science
Faculty Head: Mrs A Seenan
Mr C Butterworth, Mrs L McNeil, Miss H Logan, Mrs L Walker
Mrs A Seenan, Miss J Miller
Mr G Shanks, Mr A Smith
Faculty: Social Subjects & Religious Education
Faculty Head: Mrs K McEwan (Acting)
 Mrs E McKie, Ms J Miller
Miss O Smith, Miss D Provan, Mrs K McEwan, Mrs C Grace
Modern Studies
Miss O Smith, Miss D Provan, Mrs K McEwan, Mrs C Grace
Mr G Maybury, Mr M Griffin
Principal Teachers of Pastoral Support
Miss K Wotherspoon, Mrs J Murray, Mrs E James, Ms S Lindsay, Mr E Duncan
Learning Support Teachers
Principal Teacher: Mrs I Wilson

Mrs A Forsyth, Mrs D Goudie, Mrs K McKillop, Mrs A McBreen,

House System Staffing

House Pastoral Support Depute Head
Arran Miss Wotherspoon Mrs Sloan
Bute Mrs Murray Mrs Mair
Cumbrae Mrs James Mrs Cruickshank

Non Teaching Staff

Group Staff
Active Schools Mr Gary Moore
Area Inclusion Worker Mrs E Connor
Classroom Assistants Mrs E Aydin, Mrs L Lewis, Ms G Harte, Mr P Tomelty, Ms T Whelan
Careers Officer Mrs L Rodden, Mr P Pickavance
Education Business Officer Mrs C Jamieson
Educational Psychologist Mrs Y Hutchison
Janitors Mr S O’Reilly, Mr D Heminsley
Librarian Ms F Black
Office Staff Mrs R Sinclair, Mrs C Alexander, Mrs J McDermott, Miss H White, Miss A Torbit
Music Instructors Mr Bolan, Mr Cairn, Miss Gunn, Mr Hegarty, Mrs Martin, Miss MacPherson, Mr Robson, Mrs Robson,

Mr Straczynski, Mr Wilde

School Nurse Mrs C Hodge
Technicians Ms H Hamilton (Senior), Mrs S Stuart(Science), Ms D Wood (IT), Mr S Usher (Technical)
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