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Faculty Staff

  • Mr G. Wylie (Faculty Head)
  • Mrs G. Wallace (Principal Teacher of Raising Attainment)
  • Mrs L. Wilson (School Data Coach)
  • Mrs K. Geoghan
  • Mrs C. Bain

Faculty (School) Aims:

Our aim is to provide education of the highest possible quality.  To help us to meet our aim, we will endeavour to:

  • Ensure that all pupils achieve their maximum potential while encouraging them to develop, both intellectually and socially, in a safe and stimulating environment;
  • Prepare our pupils for the world beyond, where they can take maximum advantage of the wider opportunities open to them, while contributing as citizens to the wellbeing of the wider community;
  • Provide for staff a working environment in which they can contribute fully to the education and progress of our young people, while themselves growing and developing professionally;
  • Provide for parents/carers and pupils the opportunity to make their views known to the school and to contribute to the development of the school;
  • Implement all the above within a culture of fairness and equality which allows each individual to develop and advance, without prejudice, to the full extent of their abilities.

SQA Faculty Results 2018-2019:








Administration & IT National 5 20 12 4 2 1
Business Management National 5 7 2 2 2 0
Computing Science National 5 11 2 4 2 2
Administration & IT Higher 21 11 7 1 1
Business Management Higher 13 5 5 1 1
Computing Science Higher 9 1 3 1 2







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