Our Values, Vision and Aims

Kilwinning Academy Vision:

Kilwinning Academy strives to be an ambitious, successful school, based on the principles of nurture. We are welcoming, supportive and inclusive. Academic and vocational achievements are recognised and celebrated.

We believe that our values of Ambition, Belonging, Dedication, Inspiration, Respect and Responsibility should be evident in all aspects of life both within the school and wider community.

School Values and Aims:


I set challenging targets in my learning and do everything I possibly can to achieve or even surpass those targets, including learning on my own and with others.


I help others feel part of Kilwinning Academy by being friendly, respecting them and including them.


I contribute as best I can to my learning, sticking to the task, especially when I find it difficult.


I am enthusiastic and motivated in each lesson so that others are inspired to be the same.


I listen closely to instructions and explanations at all times and adhere to all reasonable requests. 

I understand that we are all different and celebrate our differences, ensuring there is a place for everyone in our school.

 I aim to treat everyone in a fair and equal way in our school.


I choose to give my very best effort in every learning situation, I am prepared to work and remain focussed and ‘on task’ at all times.



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