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Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr T Swan

Depute Headteachers: Miss J Miller, Mrs T Mair and Mrs A Cruickshank

Faculty: Art & Design and Technical
Faculty Head: Mrs G Aitken
Art and Design
Mrs L Black, Ms M McLucas, Mrs C Rennie, Mr T Rennie, Miss L Grzybek
Mr L Cowan, Miss S Fleming, Mrs L Findlay, Mrs G Aitken
Faculty: Computing and Business Education
Faculty Head: Mr G Wylie
Business Education
Mrs C Bain, Mrs L Wilson
Mrs K Geoghan, Mrs G Wallace, Mr G Wylie
Faculty: Languages & Literacy
Faculty Head: Ms L Armour
Mrs C Allison, Mrs A Chalmers, Mr D McArdle, Mrs E Needham, Mrs A O’Donnell, Mrs N Reid, Miss G Woods
Modern Languages
Mrs J Hill, Ms L Armour, Mrs L Gillespie
Faculty: Health and Wellbeing
Faculty Head: Miss G Lyall
Home Economics
Mrs M S McInally
Physical Education
Ms G Lyall, Ms L McKinlay, Mr A Barlow, Miss L Patrick
Faculty: Mathematics, Music & Numeracy
Faculty Head: Mr J Crozier
Mr J Crozier, Mrs L Hoynes, Miss A Lepick, Mr R McNeil, Mr Hynds, Mrs L Kemp
Mrs C Galvin, Mrs P Latta, Miss M Johnston
Faculty: Science
Acting Faculty Head: Mrs L McNeil
Ms K Chalmers, Mrs H Bourne, Mr C Butterworth, Mrs L McNeil, Mrs L Walker, Mr E Robertson (NQT)
Ms J Miller, Mr S Goodwin, Miss C Murray (NQT)
Mr C McAllister, Mr A Smith
Faculty: Social Subjects & Religious Education
Faculty Head: Mrs K McEwan
Mr S Dick, Mrs E McKie
Mr B Kealey, Mrs D Hamilton, Mrs K McEwan, Mrs C Grace
Modern Studies
Mr B Kealey, Mrs D Hamilton, Mrs K McEwan, Mrs C Grace
Mr D Neilson-Bell
Principal Teachers of Pastoral Support
Ms S Lindsay, Mr C McHarg, Mrs J Randall, Mrs J Murray
Principal Teachers of Learning Support
Mr M Griffin

Mrs A McBreen, Ms R Gibson, Mrs J MacDougall

Miss K Wotherspoon
Classroom Assistant

Mrs L Lewis

Skills Force
Principal Teacher
Mrs J Murray
Classroom Assistants

Mr B Mackintosh, Mr W Linton

Skill Build
Mr N Sloan

Miss L Kearney

House System Staffing

House Pastoral Support Depute Head
Arran Ms S Lindsay Miss J Miller
Bute Mr C McHarg Mrs T Mair
Cumbrae Mrs J Randall Mrs A Cruickshank

Non Teaching Staff

Group Staff
Active Schools Mr Gary Moore
Area Inclusion Worker Mrs E Connor
Classroom Assistants Mrs E Aydin, Ms G Harte, Mr P Tomelty, Mrs C Shields, Mrs I Gordon, Mrs R Grant
Mrs K Gilmour, Mrs S Walters, Mrs C McKenna
Careers Officer Mrs L Rodden, Mrs L Niven
Education Business Officer Mrs C Jamieson
Educational Psychologist Mrs Y Hutchison
School Counsellor Mrs B Moon
Janitors Mr S O’Reilly, Mr D Heminsley
Librarian Mrs L Vaughan
Office Staff Mrs C Alexander, Miss K Hannah, Mrs H Roberts, Mrs A Torbit, Mrs P Paterson
Music Instructors TBD
School Nurse Mrs C Hodge
Technicians Ms H Hamilton (Senior), Mrs S Stuart(Science), Mrs D Duncan (IT), Mr S Usher (Technical)
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